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rrenttv ot what we're about, but we are about protecting our hard work. i'm hoping it's what, 75 pounds? i'd be happy with that. i'd be happy with 75 pounds. hopefully, my partner would be happy with that? otherwise we're looking for new jobs next year buddy.... back to framing... slinging asphalt.
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it sounds like this thing is coming directly over us. it's probably cdf. more than likely. can you see it? oh, there it is, up on the left. it's right over here. what is that? it's coming across that other ridge. i don't know. let me get to a better... i can't really... i grow marijuana for a couple of reasons. one for the medicinal reason. i think that it probably does ease pain, you know? it creates a little bit of an appetite for people that can't eat. helps them sleep. i also so it because it's a way to make some money, you know? a way to survive. something that i know how to do and i feel i do a pretty good job at it. i guess the main reason would be for the love of it, man.
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it's a great lifestyle. you get up here in the woods you live off the land and you got your plant, which makes you money. you're basically like a farmer.... instead of corn, we got dope. well, i'm providing a service like any other and demand. you know, people derive happiness from this. i've never seen anybody smoke weed and do anything real stupid when i first moved to the woods in 1974, i didn't come here to grow marijuana. i came here to be at peace with the land... fresh out of vietnam. i didn't know then how crazy i was. we just started growing a few marijuana plants for personal consumption. one day you figure out that you can grow marijuana for personal consumption. you can make enough money to buy, like you once said, christmas presents, send the kids to school, school clothes.
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we're not rich, but we're not on welfare, either. and we don't steal. my name's red. i been up here, approximately on and off, for the last 10-15 years. this is basically my first grow season up here. i'm the greenhorn around here. right now, this is my livelihood. this is what i'm doing. i'm giving it 110% and just hoping for the best. been in the business for years as far as doing my own thing little small-time (bleep)... growing indoor. got an opportunity to come up here, get an outdoor grow season in and i said, "(bleep) it! let's go for it!"
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what i was doing was i owned a construction company and it just wasn't profitable. i almost had to go through bankruptcy and just made the decision that i needed to change something in my life, and decided to come up here and give it a shot. i had 225 medical marijuana plants, and i wound up getting in trouble in federal prison. i did 6 years in federal prison for 225 plants. they took everything i had everything. even things i was inherited, things that they don't care. once they get on you, you're history and it's a terrible, terrible mistake because it hurt my younger children. i had to leave my six year old son and he needed me there. um, i think it probably affected it greatly, not having my dad around for awhile. i was in school, i remember the night before dad was there, and then the next day and, he wasn't
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there. that was a big surprise because i felt like there was a lot of protection and safety up here. a lot of times that type of situation can make couples friends or whatever. it can put a (sigh) a really damaging effect on a relationship, but it seemed to.. we got through it.. it made us stronger. my name is james p. gray and i'm a judge of the superior court here in orange county, california. have been for about 23 years now. it is legal, it is constitutional in the state of california now, to be involved with medical marijuana. the federal government does trump state law. people ask, how can we do it right? i tell them go talk to the chief of police in your city, but understand that this is, no matter what you do, a violation of federal law. and if the dea decides that they're going to prosecute you they can, and they will.
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the year i bought this place, i was rolling pretty hard, living large, you know? thinking you know, complacent like (bleep) everything's cool i'm bad, whatever. (bleep) camp'd on, big time. they came, dea came looking for me specifically, they didn't know who i was, but they photographs, aerials, they had the whole (bleep) thing, had warrants sworn out and i was scared. so i took that money and i bought this place, and i chilled for a year. myself, i know i've done various things in the past.. such as? such as, oh i was a firefighter for years, i was a general contractor, building contractor. i did have a travel agency, come to think of it (laughing), you know, various things. but it's good to maintain a straight sort of an image so people don't just mark you for
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what you really are right off the bat. you know, you're like running a constant like laboratory-type experiment. and you want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. ultimately the water has to be a good ph and the dirt has to be ph seven. so, we got the mother plants here, these are about . oh four months old. we just keep them alive in the light, the 600 watt, metal halide light. just enough to keep them in a vegetative state. they're not going to every bud until they go... and these are on 24 hours, so they won't bud until they go into a 12 hour cycle. so when we snip a clone out of here, which we'll find a likely candidate... and we just snip this baby down here. i just snip it with the scissors. then i look for a couple of nodes here, these little nodes here. so what we'll do is, we'll snip that off and then we'll snip this off.
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then we'll just take a leaf up here so that it doesn't burden the plant too much. and then what i do, in earnest here, is i cut this this at a 45 degree angle like that. (cut) and then this thing gets dipped in a cloning solution that's a growth hormone and then sits into the "easy clone". in about 10 days time, you'll see root coming out looking like.. stages of root there. it's like a little fish bone right? it just starts to throw-out from that callus there. and then we put them in dirt after that. this is the beginning. the difference between an indoor clone is seven weeks and it's in the bag and we're gonna enjoy it. this is six months, this will be in here for six straight months.
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wow! this is my world, i'm showing my private world to the world, i must be getting close to retirement. little chamba, this is where, chamba, will live for six months. chamba will be as tall as the trees. chamba, we love you. this is your classic, four-pound plant. she's been transplanted for two minutes and she's looking for the sun.
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we got up here about two weeks ago and hiked down, and a pump like this was gone. we think it was an inside job because not many people know this location. and it was about a $2,700 hit. and that's money that can be used towards soil, garden
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supplies, food. this is basically our source. if we don't have this water, there's no need for us to attempt to put those gardens in up there. i known mr. for 15 years, maybe 20? always been honest, all we know. we've had good (bleep) good work together in the past. so he gave me this opportunity and you've gotta earn your (bleep) to get up here. you can't just walk on up here and think you're gonna do it. up to date you know i've probably put around ten grand into it. by the time, we're done setting everything up, it's probably gonna be on the upper side of 18 grand, around there.
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this is where we're trying to get our water to, right here. tomorrow we have to clean that thing because there's dead rats in the bottom of it, from over the winter time. someone left the lid open. i love the land and i know in the end if we're successful, these guys are gonna hook me up. you never know where opportunities can lead once you start getting into this business. and it is kind of a business you know? we're here to make money. let's hope we're successful. we scouted it out earlier and kind of had an idea of where we were gonna put them, our gardens. and what you want, is we wanted the full sun and well, the sun rises right here. this is a south-side slope, sun
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rises to the east here, goes directly over us and sets over here. you know, that's your optimal sun. that's what we want.. you don't wanna be on the north side with all the big trees and all the shade. especially us being kinda late into the year. here are the snips, alright this is where the fun begins! as a job, i mean this, uh, this isn't easy work at all. i mean i did asphalt and concrete before and i would say that this is just as physically demanding as that was. it's not easy by any means. ya know, you have to be self-motivated. if you're lazy, it's not gonna happen. you have to make yourself get up every morning, hike the hills, hike the soil, get the water going and take care of it.
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and if you don't, it's gonna you're gonna fail. you're gonna see it in your product. so this goes back to all the people that, you know, think they're just gonna get a free ride up here...growing some marijuana. they have no idea about the long days and hours that we put in to make this successful. we're running out of time and this, this has been giving us problems for the last two days. and we figure if it doesn't work today we're going to have to come up with a new configuration. if we don't get water to this tank, we don't get water to our plants. this crop to me, this is my livelihood right now. i have everything invested in this, if i don't pull this off i have no idea where i'm headed or what i'm gonna do. i'm banking on this. you know this is my baby right now. hey tripper, do you copy? yeah, i copy. do we have flow?
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sounds like a goddamn waterfall up here. so he said it sounded like a waterfall. this is good news guys. the natural spring is right here. and basically what we've done is ran some plastic down from the spring with the springbox and the screen. filters the water and goes down into this box with another filter..."come back with that?" water flow has stopped. alright, hold on. i gotta run down. it's pretty scary sometimes. i try not to dwell on it, i try to just go out there and put a hard day of work in, do the best i can to try and cover all those issues and then we just have to see at the end, you know? we just got back
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to base camp and it was a pretty good day today. we um, got to the pump and got the pump working. getting water up there today is freaking huge. we're done with the day's work. drink a few beers, have some (bleep) fun. and get ready for tomorrow. get ready for tomorrow, do it all again. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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the term you use "medical marijuana" i've been asked to address what the federal government's position is on this. i will use that term, though it is not a term that the us government uses. marijuana is considered be a category one, controlled substance. it is against the federal law to possess it, it is against the federal law to distribute it . it is against the federal law to cultivate or manufacture or possess for distribution
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marijuana. one thing california has done is back in 1996, is passed proposition 215, which is a medical marijuana program. i'm doctor donald abrams and i'm a professor of clinical medicine at the university of california, san francisco. i'm the only one who can prescribe marijuana, because i have a schedule one license for doing my research. but physicians can't prescribe a prescription for marijuana because where would a patient take that? there's no pharmacy that dispenses marijuana. so, in california, we can facilitate patients getting an identification card, so that they can access marijuana from the dispensaries. so that if they're found with marijuana on their person, or their caregiver is, that they have legitimate reason to be using cannabis. we couldn't do this without the cards. we need these cards to keep it legal. i don't think i would do it
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without the cards. there's too much to risk. it would be setting myself up to possibly end-up in prison. the crop to me like this year personally. it means a lot of things. it means if i'm gonna be living and like, paying my bills. or i could be out on the streets looking for another carpentry job. if we don't get this, then it's gonna be devastating. this garden's done quite well. it's been in the ground about six weeks. we're real proud of it. this is called a hindu kush. you can see the difference in the bud structure. as you can see in here these are really accpetable to leaf mold which we have to control. and it won't hurt you now, but it'll hurt you later when they're in full bud so we have to keep 'em cleaned up. we spray 'em with an organic organicide, which you can spray
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up until the day you harv so you don't have to worry about it hurting people's lungs or anything like that. we're into dirt, we're into ph. we're as respectful to the land as it is to us and i think everybody should be that way...and it's a terrible thing. as a farmer, and i hear on the news everyday 30,000 plants, 40,000 plants busted by this and that mafia. and then they show the creeks and they're all full of bags of chemicals that are poisoning my land, not their land. and i think it's very irritating and i don't like and i don't stand for it. and i don't associate with those people, nor does my family. we don't have chemicals running on the ground. we don't have overrunning reservoirs. we don't have buckets of hard chemicals laying around. it's all organic, nothing will eat nothing. you don't see anything yellowing, dying because when this pot garden is done and i'm done, these woods will still be alive for my grandkids.
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and i mean that in here, not in here (wallet). huh? si, cual planta? mucho? yesterday he encountesome mold on this kola right here. it's been cut and disposed of, but this is just one more thing that a person's gotta be on their toes. i mean, ya know, you can ignore and walk away and not notice it, but in two days time this plant could be totally infected and you might as well throw it away. es un ratto. a ratto? si. hoy? oh, si? this is what happens here.
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i don't know if you can get in on it, ya know? this is not a total loss, but you really never know the extent of the damage until you get into it. and it's really unfortunate. it's very sad to work for eight months and see this happen. it's very disheartening. i mean this on the street is a potential $50 bill. ya know? so that's really not the biggest thing. it's just all the time and effort that goes into it and then it's like mother nature is saying, "hey, pay attention!" cause this could do you in overnight. well, we're at various stages here. some of these strains, the more afghani strains are going to go, uh, the sativa i should say are gonna go a little bit longer before they get to bolting. bolting means that when there's
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a sustained period of moisture and no sun that the plant will actually go back into a vegetative cycle. and it will air out this bud. i could show you this is right here. this is a pretty good example right here where this, the terminal koli here has actually started to go into a growth cycle again. and usually it goes this way around this time of the year. you get 2 or 3 days of rain and people freak and think oh (bleep), this is it. the sun's never coming back out. might as well take it and be done with it. now, if i knew that an imminent storm was coming in and we were going to have sustained rain, i would take these plants. i just prefer not to cause it's a lot of work all at once, too. so this is my compadre. he's been helping me since the early part of the year. i guess it would probably be what, march? and he's been
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right by my side every minute. i trust him implicitly. he knows the business. this business he was involved in old mexico with his family years ago. he's like my little brother. i trust him with my life. and there's no arguments. he knows whose in charge. he does what he's asked to do. and as you can see, these are the fruits of our labor.
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>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees like our tender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salads, sandwiches, and more.
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oh, man! the foot. i was in a motorcycle accident. i went down on some gravel. the bike got under me and tore my foot up pretty good.
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there is a puncture wound that has to be disinfected four times a day. talk about bad timing huh? (laughing) jesus christ! i don't think you're walking back up. well, when you guys were up here last time you got all the problems we had with the water lines and just having the late start and all that (bleep), but since then basically we've been hit by the bear. yeah, the (bleep) bear that (bleep) my (bleep) up, um, we don't know what happened. i think, (bleep), there was a couple of things. i used the peanut butter on the rat traps and then i think possibly he sniffed that, got in there. probably hit him on the nose the toes...i don't know. i can only imagine. i just saw the claw marks and it just looked like he was boxing with those bags. took out 25 of our plants, which set us back a month.
8:33 pm
and having the late start like we did, ya know, that just put us that much more behind. we thought he was gone but we went up to the top location and i'd been leaving my food there. well, he got into all my food. ya know, it's better if he just keeps to himself and we keep to ourselves because to be honest with you i don't want to have to shoot the bear. there's not enough of them out there. yeah, i think that's cdf. there's a lot of tension, but i think you're gonna notice it in a month. when it's really close to harvest. everyone is gonna be on edge...and this is both sides. this is the growers, ya know the law, camp's gonna be flying a lot harder. can we make it? it's gonna be one of those type o' deals, ya know? we got a little bit of action going on here boys. what the (bleep)? hey, what are those?
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where is he? the longer orange county narcotics deputies spend in the pot fields, the bigger this seizure gets. authorities are saying today that there are hunds of more plants than were originally counted. perhaps as many as three thousand and it could take into tomorrow to confiscate all of the marijuana. you hear of people harvesting 500, 1000 pounds, all the time. you also here about people who had five thousand plant that got busted. to put 5,000 plants into perspective, it would probably be like a vineyard. a couple of city blocks, of marijuana plants and if you got a pound per plant, that would be five thousand pounds. anywhere from three, to let's say four thousand dollars, you're talking about some serious money. what do i think about people who come up here and try to grow two and three thousand plants gardens and wanna get in and out in one year? we don't care for it, it just brings an enormous amount of
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heat, a lot of feds and it's disrespectful. this is our home, this is our life, we don't come up here and try to make ten million dollars in six months and go and destroy someone else's land. we're very proud of our land. this is where we're from, i've been here my whole adult life.. and this is where i wanna continue to be from. you look at mexico today and they're having these real gang wars. with regard to not drugs, it has almost nothing to do with drugs, it's all drug money that's causing it. try this, we could bulldoze the country of colombia. obliterate it from the face of the earth. in fact, you could take ecuador and peru with it if you wanted to, and it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference with regard to our drug problems here in the united states? why? because if the demand is here, the demand will be met. and if it's not met by colombia, ecuador and peru it will be met by nigeria, or thailand or california! what they do
8:36 pm
is they get greeedy. they're doing a little bit more than they should be doing, they're not using cards, they're growing on government land. they're out there for that money and that flash, they wanna make the quick, easy buck. at some point, the government's gonna come down on them. either they're gonna catch them on their land or the irs is gonna come after them for taxes. the two men deputies arrested, were hiding in the hills near their marijuana field, for several days. investigators say the men admit to having at least two more partners, but given the size and sophistication of this operation, they likely had even more help. you can look at it two ways. you can get in, if you're successful for two years and doing it big and don't get caught, hey more power to ya. they pulled it off. if you get caught, you're going in, you're in trouble. versus, you do this legally for say five years. in the end it probably all they're leaving the mom and pops alone
8:37 pm
now. they're going after the mafia gardens, which nobody here likes. and we don't like 'em, but we don't have anything to do with it. the cops have to find 'em. we don't know where they're at. we know where...we know where they're..we know the areas they're in, but we don't go there because it's dangerous. even for local people, you can't go for certain walks in certain woods because there's armed men out there that will do you harm. we had 2 murders here not even 2 months ago over... an altercation over a 3,000 plant garden between some indians and some spanish people. and we don't like it. it brings in a vibe that we don't need. it brings in a lot of other different drugs to younger people around here. there's a lot of crank in these areas, because of the availablilty of the people who grow big grows and then go back into another racket. we don't go from marijuana to crank to cocaine, this is what we do. >> wow! i've never seen anything like this. >> when disaster strikes
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sometimes the only way out is to look within. current tv digs deep into the extraordinary tales of heroism determination and escape. "trapped" experience the drama. back to back to back. >> hold on mates! >> catch the "trapped" mini-marathon saturday starting at 1 eastern. on current tv.
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they're starting to get their resin dude. it's time. they're loving this food...loving it! you see these little crystals starting to come up the leave, it's on the hair. rub your fingers. it's a little greasy feel on the fingers. that's just it going into heavy bloom. yeah, now it's exciting when you walk in here, ya know? yeah, we're pretty much kinda moving into the home stretch. what i have to do is start to prepare for the human factor the thieves.
8:42 pm
within the next 2 weeks this place will be fully guarded. more than likely, ya know, under this brush, we'll set up tents at each location. and they can't leave. i don't know. this is a fairly remote piece of property. it's private. i know the neighbors all around me. um, i don't give anybody any reason to come up here. i suppose it could happen. it's happened in the past. i mean the sheriff's office takes a real dim view of that. in fact, a couple of weeks ago there was a call not far from here where there was, uh, what was called in as a home invasion. and 60 law enforcement officers showed up, and subdued at gunpoint, five thieves with rifles, as well. and what they were doing is, they were relieving somebody of a medical marijuana garden. so they're backing us up in that respect. i mean this is private, personal property. there is a mandate, senate bill 420. and they are bound to uphold the law. my attitude further is if
8:43 pm
somebody figures they need it more than i do, have at it. it's not gonna kill me. we think people are walking around the land, type of deal. and we just wanted to let everybody know that we're back on the land, so we came up, shot some skeet and just made a bunch of ruckus. there's a fastball right down the center. before i did it, i talked to the local neighbors to let them know. i wanna respect their territory also. pull! (whooa) this was just a little message. you know? stay away from our (bleep). this is our land, we have every right to be here and no one else does.
8:44 pm
home sweet home. (grunting) good night guys.. oh every day i'm up here i feel like i'm at risk. people posing as law enforcement, you know rolling up on people with badges
8:45 pm
and guns. in fact my ex father in law had it happen to him. three guys rolled up in a truck, showed badges, they had the right uniforms and they instructed everybody to get in the house. where upon they handcuffed them, beat them up a little bit, ransacked the house, found the money, took the money. found the processed pot, took that and then harvested the rest. and bounced them on down the hill, left them handcuffed. first of all there's just something about the temperature of the day that changes in the end of their life cycle. the color of the leaves, the resin, it's hard, it's sticky.. and it smells, it has a certain fragrance that says it's ready. they are so colorful and leafy and then
8:46 pm
they look a little . they look like they're getting older, so they lose a couple leaves, their stems are getting a little bald. sometimes it's very hard to tell when it's ready, i know when the rose is ready to pick and i know when the dallias are ready and cut the cannas, but with marijuana, it's different. they're very subtle to me. i had to cut a little bit earlier because of the thieves. worried of the thieves and weather. things like that, but the resin content was good...there was chunk. now, i've got to get this whole area cleaned up. ya know, get all the roots out get 'em burned. tear everything down so it just goes back to nature.
8:47 pm
the feel of the garden is definitely different now, ya know? it looks like a bomb came in and just blew this thing apart, but ya know, that's the reality. this is the ending process. now, what my job is, is to clean this whole thing up and get it ready for next year so we go through that whole growth cycle again. ya know, we'll have that, we'll be'll be time. ok, we have to haul the dirt and pound the posts and do the transplanting and nurture these babies throughout the whole, the whole season. and then we'll have to cut 'em again. and that's just, ya know, you appreciate every stage of what you're doing and you look forward to it. it's time to cure it after we cut. what you're doing is letting the plant get rid of all the moisture into the bud. um, and how you check on that,
8:48 pm
how you can check is just if there's stem moisture, it won't crack, it'll bend. at this point, the yield is what it is. ya know, any mistakes we've made we can't dwell on. could we have done things different? yeah, i think so, but that's with anything in life. ya know, you kinda gain the knowledge afterwards. will we make the mistakes next year, probably not. no i didn't take into factor the cost of having to pay the security. to have them help wait, while it's curing to get it ready to trim. they quit jobs in the city that were well-paying you know? so i don't want them to come up and because i wasn't successful, you know, they're not successful. they took a chance in me and i appreciate that and i wanna reward them. right there. then you cut that. get rid of all that. that, cause that's not marketable. then just a couple little, ya know?
8:49 pm
i know he did it, okay? that's the bottom line. well he should be really careful man, because the (bleep) cops are looking for him. (silence) well that's his problem man, you know what? he was here, it happened on his watch, he was here, he did it, that's all i know. i think he just got a little bit greedy and decided to help himself to a substantial amount of my product while i was away for a couple days and i haven't seen him since, and i suspect he's probably long gone. i think this little guy probably got to me for maybe, i don't know .. around 70-80 thousand dollars? that's a lot of money to anybody, i don't care who you are, it's a lot of (bleep) money and i worked hard for it! and he was paid for it! so that kinda
8:50 pm
hurts, it set's a guy back and it's discouraging, you know? i welcomed him into my home and made things available to him, he wouldn't have normally had, i bought him a car. i gave him big tips you know? gave him points, whatever and the guy just, you know . just greedy. bottom line, so yeah it affects me, i feel personally, you know, i feel violated. what i do about it is my own business, but he'll get his, i won't have to do a dang thing, he'll get his, thieves don't prosper. >>now let's get some real news. (vo) first, news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >>you couldn't say it any more powerfully than that. >> current tv, on the roll. (vo)followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>ah, thank you. >>it really is incredible.
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(vo)bill press and stephanie miller, current's morning news block. weekdays six to noon.
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